Always creating a unique taste & culinary art.

Every project is unique in how it comes to life.

Every project is tackled with excitement and enthusiast. From brief, to moodboard to final results; it comes out to life like a piece of art. Every stroke, taste and color make it unique on its own.

Etisalat Ramdan 2020

Etisalat Ramdan 2020


TVC for Farm Frites

Styling for a campaign video under the title of "مش محتاجة تفكيها" with Kijamii agency and director Ahmed Munchi.


TVC for Arabiata

Styling for 'Arabiata' campaign video "وحوش الفطار"


TVC for Changan Al-Magdoui - Ramadan 2019

Styling for a Ramadan TVC campaign under slogan "خيركم باقي" in Saudi Arabia with director Ahmed El-Bendary.


TVC for Talabat

Styling for a campaign video under the title of "أكلك على ذوقك" with Kijamii agency and director Yehia Ismail.

Gro vegan MILK

Product photoshoot


Food -styling for pacaking products

30 north Coffee

life style shoot for 30 north

Qussor El Arab

Authentic food


TBS summer collection

Four Fat Ladies

Ramdan campaign


Brand campaign


sahel life style shoot

Amir Doumyati Eid Eftar

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Arkan Halawa

social media content foe arkan syrian halwa product

Tseppas Mother Day Art Direction

My Art Direction of tseppas mother's day

Club-S Sodic

A uniquely colorful styling to advertise for the fresh drinks, delicious breakfast and desserts at Club-S Sodic, Beverly Hills

Food-styling & art direction with Food-o-grafia.

Every project is a unique celebration for the #the_taste_of_art

Ghada Nawara

A delicious and mouth-watering Food-styling and art direction project with the culinary expert in Catering.


Food-styling for homemade healty food

House of Coco

Food-styling and art direction for those delicious looking chocolate desserts.

Daily Bake

Recipes I developed for a Yemeni brand


Food-styling and art direction delicious and mouthwatering content.

Honey and Dough

Art direction and Food-styling celebrating the launch of this authentic, healthy and home-made brand. It was very hard to resist the divine smell of freshly baked goodies.

Dar Ward

Art direction and Food-styling for one of the unique Aleppo, Syrian cuisine restaurants in Egypt.

Beit Ward

Art direction and Food-styling for the most delicious Lebanese dishes one of the biggest restaurants in Egypt.

Zahran Market

Creating a unique taste of art with an out-of-the-box art direction and bold Food-styling.

Mr. Baker

Who can resist such delicious bakery?

The Right Cut

Who thought meat could look this delicious and beautiful?


Product styling and art direction for Ice-Cubes with a twist.


Product styling and art direction.

jojo's Ranch

For the all meat lovers, jojo's ranch farm

Mori Sushi

Sushi turned a contrast of colors and a delicious piece of art.

El Marsa

For the love of sea-food


Social Media campaign.


Product styling to "make healthy eating a habit"

Cibo Vero

Product styling and art direction.


Food-styling and art direction that speaks with the authenticity and mouth-watering deliciousness cuisine inspired by the Ottoman Empire's palace kitchen.


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