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Food is ... ?

There can be about a million way with which I can describe What food is. It's an ignited passion, joy on a plate, a deep feeling of satisfaction, beauty and an added taste to life. It's that feeling you get with the very first bite of your favorite chocolate, that rush of happiness and excitement of being where you love the most.

What is Food-styling?

Food-styling is a career that offers challenges, creativity, variety, and the never ending joy of being able to play and paint with your food. It is preparing food to feed the eyes and the imagination, to look our best for the camera; food to be photographed needs to look its best. A food shot is a team effort that takes pre-planning, clear communication and thoughtful shopping for food and props. Food must look freshly made and so appetizing that whoever sees it would immediately wants to eat it.

Hello, I'm Amal. An Egypt based Food-stylist & Culinary Art Director.

I believe that food is the richest source of joy and beauty in life. This belief is what drove me to indulge into the 'Food-styling' world.



With years of experience in the industry, I've worked with top food corporations, high-end chains of resturants all across Egypt and the Middle East region; Kuwait, Jordan and other Gulf countries. My portfolio is well diversified with many projects, created with passion and creativity, within you can find that every photo is a piece of art.



All the top-notch services you need, offered out of a passionate years of experience in the food industry.

Food-styling & culinary art direction

A true experience indulging in the taste of art for advertising and commercial purposes.

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Your story told with a brand new and unique taste of art.

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Commercial content and art direction

A taste of Art for unique campaigns and creative product launches.

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