Who am I ?

Hello, I'm Amal. An Egypt based Food-stylist & Culinary Art Director who's passionate about expressing all the beauties of life from distinct and new perspectives.

I fell love with food early on in life; it was a form of art that made its way into my heart across many years. It all started back in Saudi-Arabia, where I lived for a couple of years and found a way to express myself with unique and passionately cooked dishes. This was a love drilled in me by a fascination with desserts and growing up in a house of desserts experts. Hours of watching and getting inspired from many food channel programs and different artists did play a huge roll as well. My career began with getting certified by the one and only Aliaa El-Sawy - a Dubai based and well-known Food-stylist - as a 'Professional Food-stylist' back in 2016. Studying, working hard and learning every day were the key to years experience with a unique mindset of creating #the_taste_of_art. Currently, I'm an active member at Food-o-grafia advertising agency, as a Food-stylist and art director. I believe that food is the richest source of joy and beauty in life. This belief is what drove me to indulge into the 'Food-styling' world. Being an artist already, it was easy to deploy my graphic design and photography knowledge and experience into Food-styling art and techniques. Every day is a new opportunity to create something beautiful, and every day I learn something new in how I can make it even more beautiful. My moto is " Time is too short, so catch every moment " and it's been my companion in creating a unique taste with art.

Know me better!

Let's dig deeper and know more about who I am.


I grew up among an Egyptian family who cared to always have the most natural and organic food in the house with a homemade taste to always win. With a passion for art, I graduated by the age 22 from Fine Arts - Alexandria University with a major in graphic design. Growing up, I learned a lot of the culinary art from specially my beloved aunt and dear grandmother. They both sparked that passion inside me, cooking my favorite desserts and dishes, I couldn't help but watch and learn from them.

Work, Portfolio & inspiration

Every day is a new learning opportunity and always looking towards success I continue to add more projects to my porfolio dreaming to work more on international and local brands ads. I always welcome every single new project with exciting spirit; I indulge in the briefs, study ever part of it, sketch ideas, paint the pictures in my mind and plan my way through every dish with music always on in the backgroud - Coldplay, Jack Savoretti, Sting, and of course Om Kolthum. My inspiration is usually sparked by following what other artists do. Some of these are Donna hay, Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Naigel Slater and of course Gordon Ramzy.


In 2016, I received the 'Professional Food-stylist' certificate from Aliaa El-Sawy - the professional Food-stylist in Dubai. With years of experience in the industry, I've worked with top food corporations, high-end chains of resturants, advertising agencies in creating TVC and photography all across Egypt and the Middle East region; Kuwait, Jordan and other Gulf countries. In 2018, I compeleted successfully the 'Art Direction' course with Cairo ad school. Armed with my passion, experience and certificates, I lecture in the Fine Arts university in Alexandria and offer private workshops in the Food-styling art.


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